The Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework is now the “DPMSF”!

2 min readNov 21, 2022
Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

During the last several days, I have been working to produce a slim docker container for rapid deployments of the DPMSF, and I have accomplished this goal for both ARM64 (aka AARCH64) and X64. \

This slim docker container is under 500 MB and contains all the requirements for running the secret proprietary “DPMSF Lite” version, which is unavailable elsewhere. The public Open Source version is bloated but free, and I feel this is what people should expect from FOSS. The super cool slim version is proprietary, however, and available only via a suitable support contract.

The slim dpmsf-lite comes with built-in support for Serverless MongoDB!

The slim dpmsf-lite comes with built-in support for User Management via the companion container lovingly called the kiosk.

The kiosk works with dpmsf-lite to provide a pluggable framework for rapidly deploying Django Apps without having to code the User Management for every Django App deployed via the kiosk.

This makes User Management one more thing I will never have to code again along with REST. I get to deploy both forever but never have to waste development time coding either of these again. Code one and use forever is my motto for development.

The kiosk ships with built-in support for the management of EC2 Resources for any AWS Account; plug in your credentials, and the kiosk works for your AWS Account out of the box.

The EC2 Supports allows registered and validated users to Start/Stop their EC2 Resources (one VM per user) to allow non-mission-critical resources to be used with an idle policy to help reduce the cost of deployment for those who wish to only pay for their EC2 Resources when they are being used as opposed to 24x7.

You may tap me directly to get your support contract. I would be very happy to develop for YOU under a support contract to add the unique functionality you want for your organization.




Dynamic Pluggable MicroService Framework v3.1 now in Production !!! (